Rider & Auditer Information

Clinic Format:  Two Private Sessions per Rider per Day.   Limited Rider Space.

Clinic start time depends on number of horses.  The schedule will be posted on the website.  The work is determined by the needs of the horse.  The format is 3 days:  Day 1:  Establishing understanding; Day 2:  developing the work; Day 3: refining the results.  Riders will lunge, and work their horses in hand under Meistre Barbier’s instruction at the start of each session followed by under saddle work.  When beneficial, Meistre Barbier may ride your horse in morning.  After lunch, the riders will individually ride under his instruction.  Clinics generally start around 9:00 and run until around 4:30.  We have an hour to an hour and a half lunch break where we go to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

2017 Clinic Release Form

2017 Clinic Application Form


Rider Fees
$995(6 private lessons for
your horse over 3 days)
Stabling & Ring Fees
(3 days/nights)
Auditor Fees
$45 per day
$75/2 days
$100/3 days

Credit cards are accepted (see below).  Note that for those riders that pay cash in full, received at least 10 days in advance of the clinic, there is a cash discount.  See entry form.

Stabling: Stabling is not included in the base price. Daystar Farm has limited stabling on a first come, first served basis (with receipt of payment). Stabling/Ring Fee is $170 (3 days/3 nights, bedding provided, but self cleaning). You may arrive the evening before your selected day, if you wish. Daystar Farm staff will feed your pre-measured feed AM & PM if you wish.  Morning feeding can be arranged. Space provided for your feed and equipment. You are responsible for cleaning your horse’s stall. You may arrive either the night before or day of the clinic. If coming in the day of, please be in and settled before 9 AM; if the night before, please arrive after 5 PM. Note your planned arrival time on the reservation form.

Signing Up:  Rider form with full payment due 30 days prior to the start of the clinic. Fill out the 2016 Clinic Application Form and send it with payment, 2016 Clinic Release Form, and negative Coggins. If the clinic is full, you will be put on the waiting list until we can fit you in.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations before the closing date (30 days prior to the start of the clinic) 100% refund.  Cancellations after the closing date:  Rider Fee less 20%; stabling and ring fee – full refund.  Substitutions are permitted.

Riders: Call or email to reserve your place.  All fees are due 30 days before clinic

Auditors: Please bring a chair.


 Credit Card / PayPal
 Description Each Cash discount
if rec’d 10 days in advance
Clinic Entry
($995-3 days:
6 private lessons)
$995 (-$30)
Stabling –
$170 / 3 days/nights
$170 (-$5)
Auditor – 1 day  $45
Auditor – 2 days   $75
Auditor – 3 days   $100